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Georgios Delimosis

Fine Arts & Photography

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During the 11th photonet show at Thessaloniki, i had an invitation from FUJIFILM HELLAS of present the Fujifilm GFX to...
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Expectation 2. location : Central Park, Manhattan, New York
Expectation 1. location: New York public library, Manhattan
New York, New York. One of the most familiar scenery you will find at the streets of New York
Federica is a half German half Italian woman. I’ve met her in Greece. At the first sight I saw this...
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Photo shoot Campaign for the vary talented Helen.Ik fashion from Greece
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The wedding of Timos & Anna
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The wedding of Fotis & Maria
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Α wedding with Lavender in Greece! A dream for every bohemian bride…Theano and Efthymis lived their wedding like in their...
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Ali is from Iraq. He was one of the men in Saddam Hussein’s personal guard .His love for Greece, bought...
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You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. “Bob Marley”  
A spring spirit made with love by the hairstylist Hlia Karapantzo. the make up artist Maria Komninakidou, the model Eleni...
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The Captain! I’ve met him in park at Drama, Greece. He is 73 years old hins name is Demetrios,an old...
Photoshoot for the 2017 catalogue of the Greek jewelry brand ”Kore”
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