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Georgios Delimosis

Fine Arts & Photography

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Expectation 2. location : Central Park, Manhattan, New York
Expectation 1. location: New York public library, Manhattan
New York, New York. One of the most familiar scenery you will find at the streets of New York
Federica is a half German half Italian woman. I’ve met her in Greece. At the first sight I saw this...
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Photo shoot Campaign for the vary talented Helen.Ik fashion from Greece
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The wedding of Timos & Anna
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The wedding of Fotis & Maria
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Α wedding with Lavender in Greece! A dream for every bohemian bride…Theano and Efthymis lived their wedding like in their...
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Ali is from Iraq. He was one of the men in Saddam Hussein’s personal guard .His love for Greece, bought...
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You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice. “Bob Marley”  
A spring spirit made with love by the hairstylist Hlia Karapantzo. the make up artist Maria Komninakidou, the model Eleni...
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The Captain! I’ve met him in park at Drama, Greece. He is 73 years old hins name is Demetrios,an old...

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